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About Jix

Jim’s musical journey began at the age of four, when he first started learning the piano. Then, this led him through many music specialist programs, and eventually to his degree in music. However, he realized his true passion was to write/produce music, and he hopes to become an international performing artist someday.

Jim Xu (aka Jix) is one of Toronto’s youngest up and coming DJ’s. While serving in the Canadian Military and tackling his way through his music degree at the University of Toronto, he has progressed from bedroom to the nightlife scene in only two years and nothing can get in the way of his desire to succeed.

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Jix can be found working the decks at, The Pint Public House with Rebel’s Resident DJ, Jed Harper, Uniun Nightclub with Chris Laroque, Tequila Jacks, Orchid Night Club, Bourbon Room in Ottawa, Bunda Lounge, Fiction Nightclub, and Cube Nightclub. Alongside his weekly gigs in the nightlife, he is also performing at private functions for the University of Toronto, Ryerson, and Western University. Last but not least, Jix has had the privilege to open for international artists including Riot Ten, Lny Tnz, Yultron, and Henry Fong.

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Recreationally for three years, professionally for two.
I overlooked the power of DJing/music until I landed my first club gig. The power to be in control of a dance floor and be loved for it is a high like no other.
The great DJ’s of Toronto’s hottest Clubs motivate me every week. But A-Trak is someone whom really inspired me to work on my craft.
Firstly, do it for the right reasons. Next, get the ladies dancing. Most importantly, spice it up; play 50% what the crowd wants to hear and 50% what the crowd didn’t know they wanted to hear.
Experimental/ Indie Electronic, Artists like Flume, Louis the Child, Mura Masa
This one is a bit of a funny story, I picked up many controllers back in the day and returned them after a week. But the one that really stuck with me, was when one of my buddies from the military owned a lounge, and at the time was looking for a DJ for his Halloween event. Despite not knowing a thing about DJing, the pay was too good to turn down. Later that day I picked up a controller and taught myself at the gig.

Promo vid and Summer Mix


October 31, 2014

First gig at Idarts Lounge

"I Darts Toronto is one the largest I Darts brand bars in the world with a 7000sq ft location. In addition to its bar, the location offers a spacious sport lounge where guests can enjoy food and drink while watching sporting events."

June 2016

First time playing Bourbon Room

"The space that was once the Rideau Theatre consists of two levels that hold a capacity of almost 500 people. On the first level you’ll find a stage that hosts some of the greatest bands, burlesque shows and DJs..."

October, 2016

First gig at Tequila Jacks

"Tequila Jacks is the ultimate party destination in Toronto where every age group can come and party together for a crazy night. Located right beside Fiction."

December 31, 2016

Tequila Jacks first time playing on NYE

"Tequila Jack's is a fun, easy-going party atmosphere where you can kick back, be yourself and dance the night away. It's the #1 party destination in Toronto."

Feburary 2017

First time playing Orchid

"Catering to a mid-twenties to late thirties crowd of young professional, recent graduates, entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, entertainer, industry staff and models, Orchid is home to everyone and anyone who just intends to escape their reality and enter ours no matter the circumstances"

Feburary 2017

Residency at Tequila Jacks

"Massive bars, tonnes of big screens, amazing light show, superb dj's, dance risers, vip bottle service, booth seating, friendly staff, and weekly special's Tequila Jack's is your #1 Party Destination in Toronto"

March 2017

Opening for Yultron and Lny Tnz

"Toronto's largest annual march break celebration! Thousands of Beautiful People / Top Sound System & Visual Production / Mass C02 Blasts / Crazy Smoke Show/ Insane Laser Light Effects / Largest March Break Event in Ontario"

April 2017

Hosted my first boat party

"One of the hottest end of the school year events held privately by Jim and Cherry. Featuring Canada's hottest DJ Unimerce on the top floor and DJ Jix on the bottom floor. The event was a huge success and will likely be an annual event!"

Sept 2017

Residency at The Pint Public House

"At 16,000 square feet, this massive sports bar will include 730 seats as well as a patio. Along with showing games on its 90 or so television screens, it'll turn into a club of sorts later at night with a dance floor on each of its two floors."

Sept 2017

First time playing at Uniun

"Fringed by lush, tufted VIP banquette seating, that mimic Edwardian splendor and contrasted by raw grey cement wall finishes, aged wood and industrial lighting fixtures. Heighten the ultimate nightlife experience with a notable roster of international and local DJs."

October 2017

First time playing at the Bunda Lounge

"Bunda Lounge will cater to expose the rhythms and culture of the French and Diaspora (ZOUK, SEMBA, KIZOMBA COMPA, and KUDURO) as well as the urban sounds that so much make the musical fabric of Multicultural Toronto, in an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere."

November 2017

First time playing at cube

"Designed with evening mischief in mind, Cube is a nightclub experience unlike any other. Revel in the sound of premiere international DJ’s, as the beat washes over you. Bask in metallic brass-laden touches, as they elude to infamous nights at Studio 54 and alter egos."

November 2017

First time playing at Fiction Nightclub

"Friday's are Toronto's #1 College / University party destination. Music by DJ Ritz playing the best in Top 40, Hip Hop, and Dance Anthems... The city's top latin night comes to life every Wednesday hosted by Momentos."

December 2017

First time playing 12 barz

"12 Barz of Christmas - Some say it's better than Christmas itself |14 years strong, the most sought after event across Canadian Universities - Officially North America's Largest Pub Crawl"

New Years 2017

Uniun New Years

Ushered in the New Year with Chris Leroque. "Fringed by lush, tufted VIP banquette seating, that mimic Edwardian splendor and contrasted by raw grey cement wall finishes, aged wood and industrial lighting fixtures. Heighten the ultimate nightlife experience with a notable roster of international and local DJs."

January 2018

Started Spice Route Residency

King Street West's newest bistro-bar, Spice Route is INK and Liberty Groups most recent undertaking. The experience at Spice Route Bar is sheer bliss. From the moment one enters, the rare design is relaxing and indulging. Spice Route Bar is a mixture of eclectic Asian decor, mesmerizing music, and distinctive cuisine is the soul of this spot. Rare and immediately captivating, yet subdued in style;

Much more to come🎧


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6 of 100s of Testimonials

"The ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi Beta Tau would like to extend a huge thank you to Jim for being an amazing DJ who understands the crowd and created a lively atmosphere for our latest Crush semiformal event! This is the second time Jim has DJ’d for our events and with him, its always a well received occasion even for guests who often go out and already have a set preference for music and ambience. Thank you Jim! We hope to see you at our formal next year! "

Alpha Omicron Pi

University of Toronto

"Watching him control the crowd is unreal. Doesn't matter what he's mixing, the crowd is always guaranteed to move to what he's playing"

Ayman Abdalla

Ayman Abdalla

Manager of Zibiria Records

"JIX is a fantastic DJ, not only playing top songs, but getting involved with the crowd a tremendous amount. A show is only a show with a great artist; being a night to remember with an amazing DJ that plays all sorts of genres. From hip-hop, to rap, to house and future house, JIX makes the crowd scream for more no matter what song he's playing. With his great performance skills, he makes sure no one leaves the event without a smile on their face. I will continue to use JIX for all of our events to showcase an amazing DJ with amazing talents"

Jonathan Zadegan

CEO & Founder, Haste Entertainment

"Jix music did a fantastic job at our Red Party! He kept the music upbeat and everyone moving, playing the latest tracks in harmony. The seats were always empty cause everyone was always dancing! His music, sound, and professionalism made him a delight to work with. Will definitely be having him back for future events! "

Sara Zamani

UTSU Director

"Jix is phenomenal. Young, hungry and the fastest rising talent in Toronto. He's the guy to hire."

Junior Vacharayoo

Manager of Zibiria Records

"Jix was a professional. He arrived early for the gig and had the dancefloor engaged throughout the night. I would highly recommend for his dj services"

May Hazel

Event Coordinator, Tdotclubs

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